Use of Social Media in Events

If you still rely on sharing of fliers, word of mouth or mail invites to publicize an event, it is safe to assume you have been living under a rock for the past 20 years. To have a memorable event, promotion serves just about fifty percent of the work that needs to be done, utilizing the immense publicizing ability of social media allows you to target a specific audience, at a specific time and to create buzz about your event.

Scaling an event from the idea stage to sellout is not an easy feat, you will be half successful if you market it right. Of all the available marketing sources that can drive numbers, engagement, and hype, social media marketing takes the number one spot. The good news is, it isn’t as stressful and time-consuming as other marketing channels. You can have that surreal feeling of walking to your events and its filled to the brim with people, the use of social media platforms can help you achieve this.

Social media marketing simply has to do with knowing what to post, time to post and where to post it, these three are the essential ingredients to make your event marketing go viral. Below are some tips you can use to you can apply to make your social media marketing a success.

1. Create a Facebook business page for your event
Facebook has over 600 million active users on its platform, making use of its business page for your event will provide an avenue for you to create awareness, excite and engage prospects for your event. Facebook has a calendar sync feature which makes it possible for your invitees to plan their schedule around the event day. Ensure to use an exciting, memorable and captivating Facebook event name, no one is looking to attend an event which has a dull them. Your facebook event name can include exciting ideas like a baby shower, conference, coffee get together etc.

2. Video Marketing
Video marketing is an extremely powerful tool, it has the potential of driving a huge amount of traffic and elicits engagement from viewers. It not only ensures you engage your already confirmed guest, it can also go a long way in soliciting new attendees by way of conversion. Video marketing should be a form of a teaser like giving potential attendees a glimpse into the exciting event, making wish they were already there.

3. Use influencers to motivate potential invitees
Social media marketing can be extremely powerful by using influencers that are right for your planned event. Endorsements by celebrities, public figures or someone in a position of authority can help increase event engagement, and also create awareness. Influencers can also be social media users with huge followers, who might be interested in the event you are promoting.

4. Create a unique #hashtag for your event
Creating an event hashtag can be the difference between having a filled to the brim event and low turnout. Hashtags cuts across many social media platforms, even big businesses make use of it to make marketing campaign viral. When creating a hashtag, don’t overthink on what word to use, keep it short and simple, fun and memorable. You can inform all attendees to tweet their compliments on social media using the hashtags. After the event, ensure you send acknowledgments, might be in form of a thank you email for baby shower at work, or a personalized message on your event Facebook page. Social media is also a powerful tool for collecting feedback, and by monitoring conversations after the event using a monitoring tool, you can follow conversations, analyze them and draw a list of what could be improved on So, take advantage of social media today, join the conversation and make your event viral.

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