Things You’ll Learn When Starting a SaaS Company


Five impeccable concepts to learn while building SaaS Company

Most businesses and corporates are adopting the use of software application for service delivery. This is a model that is widely accepted and has proved to be effective and efficient since the company is not directly involved. It has also proved to be cost-effective in terms of human resource and enhanced access to services at the customers’ comfort zones. SaaS company builders have their own share of problems and challenges before being successful. Concepts learned as they start the business are broadly categorized into competition, market share, customer relationship management, marketing strategy and toolkit efficiency.

Market share

To set up a SaaS company, you will realize that it has a wide market. You have to define your niche and type of customers that you want to reach. This is possible if you can clearly define the challenges and problems that they face and set up an application that can solve the issues. This is a capital intensive business and it should not be a trial and error business set up. If the market is wider the success rate is also high.


You will realize that what you are building, somehow it has been in the market. Carry out a SWOT analysis on the competition and create an application with value added function to make you have a say in the market share. You will realize some competition are large in size, assets and market share hence making it difficult to penetrate. Choose a niche that hasn’t been factored in effectively by competition. You will learn that even your pricing is dependent on your competitor’s pricing. For a well-built brand, they can reduce their prices to get you out of the market.

Customer relationship management

A SaaS company is a service delivery business, customer satisfaction is vital. A good customer relationship is built on a good service and ability to solve customer problems beyond expectation. You need to assure your customer of service sustainability and ability. You need to provide the service beyond expectation to get positive customer reviews.

Marketing strategy

You will realize when starting a Saas company, marketing is a vital concept. How will people know what you offer? The company will pick up if you reach your target market and assure them value for money. You need to have a marketing strategy that will reach the customers and turn it into a business deal.

Toolkit efficiency

Customers need assurance that your service is effective and efficient. To get this you need the right expertise, good infrastructure. This is a network based service. You should ask yourself. Are your programs supported by common web browsers. In the case of malfunction, do you have the ability to solve without shutting down the whole system? In the case of increased market share are you able to meet the market demand?

When you start a SaaS company you really have a lot to learn. If you have a faint heart you may quit along the way. But investors do not quit. They take challenges positively to make them bigger and better.