Clickfunnels Vs Leadpages: Why We Chose Clickfunnels


Why ClickFunnels overrides LeadPages?

click funnelsClickFunnels are widely used compared to leadPages because it is an all-inclusive toolkit with more advanced features compared to leadPages which offer just basic email marketing strategy. ClickFunnels is a web builder which offers  membership sites, sales funnels, landing, pages, product creation  page, and squeeze pages. On the other hand, LeadPages just create space for page builder with single page creation and no any other additional function. Another distinct feature in ClickFunnels is its ability to create different funnels that also incorporates payment options for online purchases meaning it completes orders for shipping and collection; a significant feature that lacks in LeadPages. There are a lot more features and functions that you will discover with Clickfunnels compared to leadPages

Features and functions Click funnels

  • It is a diversified toolkit with many funnels: webinar funnels- assist visitors to sign for webinars; sales page funnels-improves sales process through up-sells and down sells; lead capture the funnels-generate lead for the mailing list for customized Email designs. It builds multiple funnels to carry out different functions all these have suitable customized template to accompany them.
  • Uses a flow chart model- a visitor passes through different pages which are interactive before he/she can reach the desired page destination.
  • Lead capture funnel gets email addresses to build a database for the mailing list; these will finally be used to reach customers for different marketing campaigns.
  • Each funnel has a well-defined template that can be customized for the function.
  • It has a funnel editor that allows a user to add text, title, graphic and video, edit and erase information.
  • It has customized designs that offer real-time solutions
  • It has advanced features like text messaging registration, customer survey, social media response, FAQ page, pricing models, video disenable, timers and customized HTML.
  • It can track Emails and orders to know the efficiency and effectiveness of a specific marketing tool.
  • Other features include: affiliate program, webinar hosting, and training, it has a two weeks free trial period. It integrates the site with payment options for order processing.
  • it can design and customize templates that are received as an individualized

Features and functions of LeadPages

  • It only creates an independent single page.
  • It is a one-step process, collect Emails, send them a mail and acknowledge receipt and thanks quote.
  • Creates space for building a landing page.
  • Not user-friendly interface, because it can’t be customized.
  • Cannot allow navigation from one page to the other.
  • Fast in creating landing pages.
  • Can’t add order forms and perform upsells and down sells.
  • It can only carry out basic functions: to collect Email for building Email listing.
  • It has basic templates that are predictable and easily filtered as spam emails.

ClickFunnels are expensive and perform basic split test compared to LeadPages. ClickFunnels gives the customer and product awareness a priority rather than the cash reward. LeadPages, on the other hand, prioritizes on cash first then product awareness later. Before making any order or purchase, a customer needs an informed decision on the products and services. This is a plus for ClickFunnels.  The advanced and tailor made emails has given ClickFunnels an upper hand compared to LeadPages

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